I'm obsessed in giving creative solutions with better userexperience!

Seeking an obsessing Opportunity
Visual Design

Visually I love to bring any project/product that enthralls the users to engage when they peep in with their eyes.

Small Screen Design

A specialist in mobile app designs where I take keen observation for small screens where it makes a big impact in user hands.

Big Screen Design

Since it's a big screen - desktop websites, I've more space to play with designs that grab user attention.

Name is Jagadish Thanki,.

It's about me, I'm humane!

  • My Addictions

    Designs, Creative ideas, English, Music, Poems, Drawings, Worldly Things.

  • My Dreams

    Lot of day dreams, but they l@@ks funny...but I adore more.

  • Quotes I relyed to

    Succes is a Public Affair; Failure is a Private Funeral.
    Things to do a thing.

responsive devices

Leisure Activities & Favourites

I like sketching apart from paper sketching for products/projects.,

I love to play Carrom Board.,I enjoy playing it.
Read books when they tempt me though. And guys, you know one thing? "Thinking" is one of my leisure activity :), ofcourse I must...as it's my passion!

I Observe on written english 'n' to write more in blog with my stlye, some technical design articles and poems.
In future writing a book is in my to-do list!!!

Keep watching this area
responsive devices
My expertise session continues with colorful
twelve years
and I'm Lovin' it.

It's Professional,.

I think BIG for small screens & more BIGGER for big screens.

I'm a passionate visualiser who sulpt products that interacts with better usability. Have detail knowledge in iOS, Android platforms, CMS, Analytics Visuals.

With 12 years of visualizing madness, I to visualize things beautiful: for small/big screens., a passionate specialist in designing mobile apps.
Adept to lead a team with the things I learned self in this visual world. Will guide junior members to raise their skills and articulate to apply what has been accomplished.


Create - design - develop - User Interface for Smart Phones, Websites with feasible, usable UX. Presently in to Mobile Application designs - (iPhone, Android, Tablets, iPad)

I'm passioned about my website www.designversatile.com where I revamp (design & code) the website occasionally with html, css, jquery and with some interactive stuffs.
I do some drawing work in my free time some charatceter sketches with pencils!

Specialized in creating beautiful stuffs!


There are things to do a thing..! It's a powerful phrase I own myself., where I make keen observation with the projects I handle.
I wish to be a specialist in my role that I play., Because small details makes a big product!!!