I'm obsessed in giving creative solutions with better userexperience!

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Visual Design

Visually I love to bring any project/product that enthralls the users to engage when they peep in with their eyes.

Small Screen Design

A specialist in mobile app designs where I take keen observation for small screens where it makes a big impact in user hands.

Big Screen Design

Since it's a big screen - desktop websites, I've more space to play with designs that grab user attention.

Name is Jagadish Thanki,.

It's about me, I'm humane!

  • My Addictions

    Designs, Creative ideas, English, Music, Poems, Drawings, Worldly Things.

  • My Dreams

    Lot of day dreams, but they l@@ks funny...but I adore more.

  • Quotes I relyed to

    Succes is a Public Affair; Failure is a Private Funeral.
    Things to do a thing.

responsive devices

Leisure Activities & Favourites

I like sketching apart from paper sketching for products/projects.,

I love to play Carrom Board.,I enjoy playing it.
Read books when they tempt me though. And "Thinking" is one of my leisure activity :), ofcourse I must...as it's my passion!

I Observe on written english 'n' to write more in blog with my stlye, some technical design articles and poems.
In future writing a book is in my to-do list, a scary - mystery - family story!!!

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responsive devices
My expertise session continues with colorful
fourteen years
and I'm Lovin' it.

It's Professional,.

I think BIG for small screens & more BIGGER for big screens.

I'm a passionate visualiser who sulpt products that interacts with better usability. Have detail knowledge in iOS, Android platforms, CMS, Analytics Visuals.

With 14 years of visualizing madness, I to visualize things beautiful: for small/big screens., a passionate specialist in designing mobile apps.
Adept to lead a team with the things I learned self in this visual world. Will guide junior members to raise their skills and articulate to apply what has been accomplished.


Create - design - develop - User Interface for Smart Phones, Websites with feasible, usable UX. Presently in to Mobile Application designs - (iPhone, Android, Tablets, iPad)

I'm passioned about my website www.designversatile.com where I revamp (design & code) the website occasionally with html, css, jquery and with some interactive stuffs.
I do some drawing work in my free time some charatceter sketches with pencils!

Visual Folio

Jagadish Thanki Portfolio
App Designs
Jagadish Thanki Portfolio
Smaaaaal Screens
Jagadish Thanki Portfolio
Web Logos
Jagadish Thanki Portfolio
App Icons
Jagadish Thanki Portfolio
Photoshop Illustrations
Jagadish Thanki Portfolio
Some Sketches
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Specialized in creating beautiful stuffs!


There are things to do a thing..! It's a powerful phrase I own myself., where I make keen observation with the projects I handle.
I wish to be a specialist in my role that I play., Because small details makes a big product!!!